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Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker

Posted OnAugust 1, 2017 02:35


Being a person who is a pendulum between 9 to 5, one needs a time out when it comes to cooking. I usually hade my lunch in restaurants and café. But not anymore because last year I received a gift on my birthday it’s nothing else then the Zojirushi. Among all the other factors that I am thankful the most important of all is the cash that I save now which I usually used to spend in restaurants. Who would like to go to resturants when one can enjoy the same level of taste and quality at home. Secondly the timer function is a class, you just put the rice and water in it, set the timer and go to sleep. You will wake up with the sweet odor of cooked rice.

Zojirushi offers 3 cups of rice to cook, which is sufficient at least for my needs. Another aspect of it which I like the most is that it cooks the rice a little faster than the 2 cup rice cooker in the marked that I tried. It’s worth mentioning here the ability of this machine to cook the other stuff too, like beans etc, which needs a gentle care while cooking. The steam is used to cook the item to the maximum level without breaking them apart and creating a mess. I personally like its timer function very much as I have to go to play Lawn tennis in evening, I just set the time and when I come back the sweet smell of boiled rice welcomes me which definitely is a soothing feeling for me.

Compiling the goodies of zojirushi another interesting feature is the “keep warm” feature. Now at least I don’t have to worry even if I get late at home that I have to re-heat the rice again, as the keep warm function gently keeps the rice in the warm phase without claiming the taste. When I got this gift I first thought that it will be a tough task to maintain and clean it. But interestingly it was not like that as this machine is absolutely easy to handle and clean. You will not see any white starch as the water is absorbed in the rice keeping the nutrition value to the maximum level.

One problem I was facing with the stove top cooking was whenever I wanted to drain the water my hands usually gets a burn with the steam. Another thing one should definitely mention here is the compactness. It is so beautifully and intelligently designed that can accommodate 3 rice cups in such a small place. I would definitely suggest this zojirushi to all the rice lover out there. The price is also very reasonable. One can afford this luxury on a nominal cost, and as far as my usage is concerned, it will pay its cost within one month. One can, not only use it at home but can also give it as a gift. Who is a frequent user of rice and have an experience of zojirushi will never want to switch back to old traditional ways.